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Who doesn't like a good ride among amazing scenery with other like minded folks!?


As you ride on Forest Service roads in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem you will be greeted with thick pine forests, big open views and flourishing fields.


With 30, 60, and 120 mile distances there is a ride distance for everyone.


30 and 60 will be marked courses. For the 120 you will need a navigation device or use the provided map.


Disclaimer: If you get lost it's not our fault. :)

Come for the RIDE
Stay for the CAMPing!


The event headquarters is off the beaten path, by only 2 miles but will feel like you’re in the backcountry,

at Big Springs Warming Hut.

The building will act as headquarters and allow us to set up registration indoors.

There are adjoining bathrooms with a huge gravel parking lot to camp and park in for free.

Whether you have a RV, travel van life or car camp there is a spot for you at or around headquarters. You can stay in the lot or quickly disappear into the woods where no one will see you. 

This is not a campground although there are some nearby.

So, there are no electric hook-ups or running water. But again there are bathrooms.

Learn more about the Forest Service Facility:

What do you mean!?

Think community potluck with a casual cooking competition! 

We will have a big ole grill going, with a couple grill tenders, for the Loaded Potato Bar and who knows what else might make it over those coals but remember we are encouraging a CAMP out so we might as well instigate a COOK off too!

Lets keep it fun, casual and loose. 

We know some of you are proud of your cooking skills and know how to get serious around the coals. Grill masters, if you will.

Do you have grandma's secret recipe, bubba's favorite meat rub, or that meat/dish you perfected over the fire? Bring it and put it up to the tasters test!

Dish: Your favorite camp food cooked on a grill or a piece of cast iron, set up outside. 

Cook enough to share some bites with others, you know maybe make some friends, but ultimately you need to turn in enough plated bites for several 'judges' to test. Rumor has it Guy Fieri will be coming...

Ride | Camp | Cook


While we do encourage camping to help build the community vibe and reunion feel with friends, hotels are just a few minutes away.

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